Get To Know Mike Sweeney

As a hands-on CEO for 24 years, Mike’s work experience

is vast; from working his way from tech grunt to owning

his own company. Mike worked the issues of tough

economic times, solved problems, has had employees,

been an employee, and worked with many diverse individuals.

Mike’s Real World Experience:

·        Lifelong career in technology, integral to all aspects of our nation.

·        Founder & President of a software company; dealing with customers and situations in both domestic and foreign markets.

·        Lived and worked internationally in Israel, Iran, and Africa; working with other countries’ governments and workforce leaders.

·        Elected twice to the board of a Special Utility District spearheading one of the largest transactions in Texas History to regionalize water services eliminating a layer of government.

·        Twelve years as a board member of a Federal Credit Union; redefining the way it did business.

                                                                             Mike lives in Georgetown, Texas with wife Kathy of 38 years.

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