Border and Cyber Security

Current Rep, John Carter talks big about protecting our citizens

and controlling our borders, but he has done nothing

at all to harden our grid. In regard to Cyber, by his own

admission he stated "he doesn't know anything about

'this stuff'." Watch this video and see for yourself.

Mike has worked in the technology industry since 1972;

facing and conquering all types of rapid fire changes.

As your Congressman, Mike's knowledge and input on technology

concerns will enlighten those who don’t know and focus on improving our cyber security.

Mike is pro LEGAL immigration - that means that we need to know everything about those allowed into our country (long term or short term), and to make sure that what they bring to America will benefit everyone and not be a national security danger nor a drain on our economy.  Mike agrees with President Trump that we should stop all immigration & visas (other than diplomatic) from terror supporting regimes and countries, and any country where terror has a significant foothold.  When there was uncertainty, Franklin Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter stopped all immigration from certain countries (Japan, Germany / Iran) during their presidencies. Immigration restrictions help ensure we are safe in dangerous times and are more than reasonable, it is imperative for the survival of our liberties.

Carter's votes:

• Sanctuary Cities - FUNDED

• Re-settling Illegals & Refugees across the country - FUNDED

• Expanded Government Involvement in local Education - FUNDED

• Expand EPA Jurisdiction & Regulations - FUNDED